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7 Strong Reasons Why Women Are Better Writers Than Men

Saying that women are better professional academic writers than men is a very controversial statement. While there is no denying that women are holding their own in the writing industry, saying they are far superior to their male counterparts will always cause a massive debate.

Looking through history, some of the best writers in the world have been men and this is the view that many people have. Women in the past didn’t get the recognition they deserved as writers till now hence why there is a strong argument that suggests that there are some weapons out there who are better writers than men.

Over the last 15 years, especially in places like Amazon, the majority of their best-selling books have been written by women. Women are starting to get the recognition they deserve for being talented writers because of the internet. It has pointed the spotlight on them and this article will shed some light on some reasons why there are some women out there who are better essay writers than men.

1. Female writers have more empathy 

When compared to men, women are known to be more empathetic and understand their audiences better according to top-rated online writing services. This is a very huge advantage and a quality that some men in the writing industry lack.

Empathy is putting oneself in another person’s shoes to understand how one feels. Understanding how a character feels has been the key to many female writers’ success.

2. Females writers fleshed out their characters even more 

It is known that many female writers invest a lot of time and effort in creating characters that people can relate to in their stories. The art of writing has changed especially over the last 100 years, and it is wrong to think that it is just men who can come up with compelling characters. Legitimate professional writing services say that male writers of today will often write straight to the point, they spend little time developing their characters. 

Women on the other hand do take their time developing the characters in their stories to keep their audiences emotionally engaged. In numerous polls that have been conducted by experts over the last 20 years, 83% of women are known to put plenty of effort into character development while 55% do so.

What does this mean? It means that female writers want their audience to cheer for the characters in the story, get angry with them, and more. The way that females writers have evolved in the last 2 decades or so needs to be applauded

3. Female writers are good with grammar 

Many essay writing services have pointed out that many college and university students that have grammar issues are male. Practice makes perfect and a student can only get better with their writing when they practice.

Women are known to be better at grammar when it comes to writing and that shines a lot in most of their stories. The way that women process words is better than men because the part of their brain responsible for language skills works extra harder.

4. Claims that male writers are always better than women are not true 

The sad part about the writing industry is that male writers are more likely to succeed when compared to female writers. It is very hard for a female writer to make a name for herself simply because there is bias in the industry. There are male critics out there who will refuse to review a book that is written by a woman even if the content in there is better than something written by a man.

Women have to work hard in the industry and have to put in twice the work to get noticed even by their peers. Plenty of female activists according to pro academic writing services have been very vocal about these problems and continue to fight for equality. Just because someone is a man, doesn’t immediately make them a better writer than a woman.

5. Female writers are known to look at the wider picture when they are writing 

Plenty of professional essay writing service writers have touched on this point a few times stating that there is a gap in life goals between women and men. Women through various studies have shown to have more life goals compared to men and do not take opportunities presented to them for granted.

To put it in other words, women look at writing as part of their everyday life while men see it as a career. This way of thinking makes other people see women as less ambitious of the 2 genders and this simply isn’t true because many women out there produce stellar content. Women see the bigger picture when they are writing because they preserve their intuitive passion for the art.

6. Female writers are not obsessed with establishing a reputation

One thing that holds male writers back is this obsession to make a name for themselves while ignoring the fact that they have to write something amazing for their audience. Women have always been known to take a back seat historically and this has made them understand humanity even more.

It is this level of understanding which makes them produce better pieces of work compared to some men out there. The majority of women know what is happening in most men’s heads but when it comes to the other way around, not many men understand what is happening in a woman’s head.

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7. Female writers are known to handle criticism better than males 

Legit paper writing services say throughout history, men have always been known to have a massive ego. When most male writers produce something that isn’t widely received positively, they don’t take that positively and will think the world is against them.

Female writers on the other hand will use criticism to see where they went wrong and use that feedback to be better and ultimately produce a good quality piece.

Final Thoughts 

So which gender is the better writer? There is no right or wrong answer to this question because the world has seen some amazing writers from both sexes emerge over the years. Female writers should be put in the same bracket as their male counterparts because they can produce good quality content too.

While they may not get the same level of shine, based on the points above, it is clear to see that books written by women have more character backgrounds and make connections with readers. This is not saying that male writers are bad and not good at character development. Female writers take their time and pour more emotion into their writing which makes them slightly better writers than some of their male counterparts.

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