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4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Golf Club Membership

It’s that time of year again when the weather is turning colder and although you have an annual golf club membership, you are reluctant to get out in the cold. Unfortunately, many golfers simply let their membership go dormant during the cold winter months simply because of that.

It’s cold out there! Why should that keep you from the one thing you look forward to every day during spring, summer, and fall? There are several things you can do to enjoy the sport, even on the coldest of days. Consider these four tips and you’ll be out there by week’s end.

1. Layer Up

This is perhaps one of the two most important things you can do if you truly want to enjoy year-round golf. Learn to layer up so that the biting cold can’t get through to your skin. Also, make sure that the shoes you wear, or boots if you prefer, are as waterproof as possible.

Once your feet get wet and cold, the rest of your body will be cold as well. Also, if you stay out there long enough, you are liable to get a bit of frostbite on your toes and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

2. Invest in a Golf Cart Heater

If you are playing with other players on a winter course, you will be spending ample time in your golf cart while they play their holes. It might be worth a small investment for colder weather in a golf cart heater.

These can be found in either a propane model or electric model and it all depends on the kind of cart you are riding, and which fuel you prefer. Either will keep the chill away and when it’s your play at the next hole, you will be toasty warm and ready to swing.

3. Stop at Nine Holes

Whether you are playing alone or with the guys you usually go out with from the club, you might want to think about stopping at nine holes. Although you might really want to go the whole course, it’s important to take a breather at nine so that you can think about if you are up to braving the cold for the remaining holes.

If you have layered up and chosen waterproof shoes and that lovely golf cart heater, you may be good to go. Even so, do take the time to be realistic about those last holes calling out to you as you rest a bit.

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4. Carry a Thermos for a Hot Beverage

In the warmer months, golfers tend to carry cold beverages like sports drinks, iced teas, or even a beer or two. The thought is to stay cool and hydrated out in the sun, but in the winter, your usual beverages can be your undoing.

Instead of the usual, carry along a thermos filled with your favorite hot drink. Whether it’s coffee, tea or even a hot toddy to replace that beer, you will want the warmth to keep you comfortable in frigid weather.

Many parts of the country don’t see much snowfall but even so, it can get quite cold and wet. If you have an annual membership at your local golf club then you will want to make the most of it every month out of the year. These tips should help you enjoy your favorite pastime without wasting a precious weekend away from the club.

The trick is to do what you can to stay warm between holes and stop at nine if it’s getting too cold. Don’t let that membership go to waste just because it’s cold outside. You really can do this, so enjoy!

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